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more wastegate adjustment quetions...

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Newbie here...I saw some other posts that 4.5 turns is a good place to be and some said 3.5 turns. I know that the best thing to use is a gauge but has anyone ever measure how many psi 3 turns would yield, 3.5, 4, and 4.5 etc. assuming factory starting spec is 1.5psi? At least this would bring us in the ball park (I would back off 1/2 just to be safe, though). Anyone ever do this? Could this be applied to all high pressure turbo owners?
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Well I'm kicking myself now because I did not make a concience effort to count the turns. I believe it was 3 and may have been 4. Guess I never learned anything from my conservative engineer Dad, he would have counted off the turns and immediately written it down somewhere. Hell now that I think about it he would have done one turn and road tested. A second turn and road tested and so on.....

I'm going to get a boost controller gizmo - electronic type so I can dial it up from in the driver seat. Hopefully have it soon.

and maybe a turbo timer while there too...
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