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More fuel for those using K-cam w/LH injection

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Since installing my K-cam a couple of months back, I've been wondering about how well the stock LH injection setup was coping with the greater fuel requirements of my engine above 4K RPM. An easy way to increase fuel delivery for a mildly modified engine is by installing an adjustable or rising-rate fuel pressure regulator. I don't feel like paying for a new RRFPR (I'm still unemployed), so I considered my pick 'n' pull options.

The stock Volvo 8V NA setup uses a 2.5 bar (I think) fuel pressure regulator. Turbocharged models use a 3-bar unit, but I'm not sure how the calibration works with regard to boost, so I didn't try that one. It occurred to me that my power curve is similar to that of the B234F 16V engine, and my output levels are somewhere below the 153HP this motor develops, so maybe that regulator would be a good choice - if I could find one. No luck there. But what I did find was an abundance of Saab 900s, which also used Bosch LH injection. I grabbed a 3.0 bar regulator (Bosch # 0 280 160 256) off a Saab 900 16V for $8.

I installed it this morning and took it out for some tests. I have no quantitative measurement devices, but the seat of my pants feels a little extra power and/or smoothness and throttle response. Idle is unaffected, and I didn't feel any hint of bogging, or see any visible emissions, so I don't think I'm running rich at all. It feels like this is just about the perfect amount of enrichment. If you do the math, I believe it's just shy of a 10% increase in fuel flow.
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so the K-cam kicks a$$ hey? hmm i will keep that in mind when i do some mods later in the year.did you have to modify any thing to fit the new reg?
I love the way the K-cam changes the character of the engine.

No modifications necessary - the new FPR is a direct replacement.
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