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Re: Moody 4C (djkronik57)

Quote, originally posted by djkronik57 »
I know the 4C is somewhat quirky anyway, but I've noticed lately over the last week or so that it tends to have good days and bad days. Even when I don't change it, Sport one day can feel totally different from Sport the next. A bad day, it's crashy and harsh, a good day it's tight but not harsh. I drive the same roads every day, and they are pretty bumpy, so I've grown used to how the R handles them. It's usually good for only a day or two, then back to bad.

Perfect example, there are two speed bumps outside my office. On a good day, the R feels like a normal car should over speed bumps. Tight but still dampened and smooth. On a bad day, it feels like I just drove into a 4 inch tall sharp edge and off the other side.

I remember Needsdecaf having issues with his 4C being fine sometimes and others excessively harsh and traced it to a faulty connection somewhere. I searched but can't seem to find the thread. Anyone else have this issue?

You should check to make sure that all your 4C accelerometers are tightly bolted down at their positions. A loose accelerometer will impact 4C negatively.
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