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Monster 250 FM Transmitter

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So I picked this up over the weekend, and got a great deal on it. I was very excited to not have to listen to the radio or enjoy a few songs before switching CD's. Unfortunately, it doesn't want to work with my car. Every 60 seconds (I timed it!) the transmitter would shut off. I'd have to press a button to turn it back on again. My iPhone kept playing the entire time, and the radio stayed tuned in, I just had to push the button every 60 seconds after it seemingly shut itself off. I tried it in both outlets, and shut the thing on and off again multiple times and that didn't change anything.

Now! I was thinking great! I bought a POS! But this morning I decided to try it out in my wife's Vue. It worked without fail. I don't have my car, and haven't had a chance to try it again, but can anyone tell me why this wouldn't work in my car? I've used my friend's similar transmitter before, and it had no issues.

This is the little bugger right here:

Frustrating thing.
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I was thinking of getting this as I was told it is the best FM transmitter out there you can get. What is your opinions on this with the S40? Is it worth the money? I bought other brands before and i returned them all since they were complete crap!
Try checking the cigarette lighter connection. I had trouble with some plugs that would pop out easily, with a simple nudge, that's why I hardwired my peripherals instead of using the cigarette lighter plugs anymore. One way to test if this is the problem, have a hand on the plug to make sure it is tight all the time and see if the transmission stop again. I'm assuming this transmitter is automatically off when u just start the car, and u need to press a button to switch it on, instead of being always on (when powered)
Hmmm I seem to remember trying it in the front as well, as the back, but I can't remember if I had the problem with the front jack. I'm wondering if that is the case, why it would do it every minute. (I checked the clock, and used this for an hour and a half each time).

Vash I considered getting both of the ones that Future Shop had in stock, but didn't. It's too bad too because I got a quote from Visions for $69.99, and FS beat it by 10%! A great deal, if I can get it to work...
what was the sound quality like?
Not great, but I can live with it. I was expecting much worse quality.
Yeah I guess for that price, might as well go a little further and do an FM modulator install...I'm looking at Dice's universal setup which uses RDS to display music text on the display!
That sounds like a good option. I'm thinking of selling this and going in that direction if I can't get this thing to work properly.
I like the fact that it will show text on the radio display...plus it's about the only option besides tearing into your micro chip panel like some guys here are doing! (Not a slam to you all, simply me overwhelmed at the thought of soldering around circuit boards...)
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