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Moderators - help!

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Can anybody tell me why the email auto subscriptions notifications stopped? I used to receive 40-60 emails a day from various threads I subscribe to but I haven't seen one in the better part of a week now. Any ideas? Please send IM as I won't get an auto notification on this message.
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Re: Moderators - help! (rollie)

As a test I just changed my email address in my profile so I should know fairly quickly if this is an ISP problem or a Swedespeed issue.
Re: Moderators - help! (rollie)

OK, that's very odd. I changed the email address which sends a confirmation to the original email address. Doing so must have fixed something because not only did I receive a couple of notifications with the original address prior to receiving the new account/password confirmation but I then started receiving notifications at the new address (work email.) I'll switch back now and hopefully the issue will still be resolved.

BTW, I saw a post from someone else with this issue yesterday. In my case my ISP, AT&T, converted their webmail service last week (and I was using a forwarding address here that eventually lands in my AT&T inbox.) If you find the other user with this problem please see if they use AT&T as well or if their ISP did an upgrade in their webmail recently.
Re: Moderators - help! (JimLill)

Just got it at 3:03 PM Pacific time. Not sure why it took 68 minutes but it seems to work perhaps.
Re: Moderators - help! (rollie)

Took the post advice and removed my email address from my profile and then replaced it with the identical address and now it works
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