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Re: model year 2010 XC90 build options (gabepv544)

Quote, originally posted by gabepv544 »
Volvo did not tell us the car was not going to exist. The R-Design V8 is a current 2009 model so the assumption is that it will continue into 2010 especially since VCNA did not inform us of the change. So when a client says I want what I want and I will only take what I want, you offer to build a car for them. Now I can't even do that.

Despite the price, if a customer says they are willing to pay it and that is the car they want I will build it and be happy to sell it to them. Yannis you know as well as I do that the pricing on the XC90's has been a real sore spot since April 1st so the spread between 3.2 & V8 is grossly exaggerated in your post compared to what it was and what the VCNA support cash can bring a V8 down to.

Well, give credit at least to Volvo for being consistent for not offering what folks want to buy. In my case, for example, I wanted a diesel to replace my wife's 2000 S80. Volvo didn't offer one here, so I bought it somewhere else (Jetta TDI). My only guess is that Volvo couldn't make a "profit" on the D5 here so they decided not to offer it.

So I can only deduce the same goes for the XC90 V8 R-design. So be happy for Volvo! They make more profit by not selling cars!!!

If that's their intent I did them a favor last month and steered a guy at work away from a Volvo. He was asking about OSD but he wanted a 'reliable' car, like a Maxima. I could not honestly say the S60 would compare in the reliability department, so he bought the Maxima.

Yannis, do you still lurk? Is any of this filtering up to VCNA?
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