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I was reading earlier today (but I don't remember where) about where someone was asking if Prospero would take pictures when he changed the 850 bumper to the R version. So I was thinking that this should be done about other things that are commonly modified like installing side markers, spoilers, painting black trim... things like that.

I don't know what has been planed out for the model guide or if there has been any plans made but I have a couple (lots of) ideas. Okay...

First page with links to all the cars from 200 series and up that is simular to the forums page. Then for each series page have Stock photos and History, Specs, Optional Extras/Cool gadgets, Wheels, Common Modifications, How to fix things

-Stock photos and History-

I think that it would be cool if we could get pictures from old dealer brochures of compleately stock volvos and write about their history. (maybe some members should pickup some of the press kits off eBay)


People are always asking specs of stock so that thay know if they made an improvements. I think it would be nice if we could have the stats all lined up. (finally all those old road &track can go to use)

-Optional Extras/Cool Gadgets-

I am thinking technical things and how they work.


I think it would be cool to get a picture of every wheel that volvo made and have names, diameter, width, bolt pattern, offset, and what models it came on. (I would be cool if we could do somthing like the the tire rack wheel simulator.. If I got all the pictures I put it together using flash)

-Common Modifications-

This is where we could put mods like the R bumper, side marker, etc.

-How to fix things-

How to change the always burning out bulbs for the daytime lights on the 850, how to remove door panels, etc. (the more pics and diagrams the better)

So what do you think?

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You have some great ideas. Much of it could be split between model guides and FAQs, both split like the forums, and both linkable to each other. It's doable, though it takes a lot of work. I'd need help in getting all of the stuff together, as it'd be an immense task.

That said, I could determine what info is needed on each vehicle and then begin to process, and if people want to contribute, they could.

As far as FAQs, I love the idea, but I need to check into liability issues. If someone hurt themselves while jacking up a car etc, we don't want to be liable.
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