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I don't usually post here as I am not so much into the electronic audio and computer system mods for the car as i am for the suspension and engine mods, but i was just browsing and I thought i might mention something to you guys who regularly post here. I subscribe to Make magazine, and they have some neat articles on how to wire up a PC or a Mac into your car so you can control a host of things in addition to your stereo. If you get the third issue (back issue) it has an article on it about creating what amounts to your own version of OnStar so you can log in and unlock your car from a remote source. Among other things, there was an article on how to hard wire in a Mac mini and use it to control a bunch of things and custom wire up your iPod and custom build your dash for that sort of fitment. I guess I just figured I would tell anyone who might be interested in bulking up their DIY tech knowhow with some good ideas.

Go here if you are interested.


I don't work for them or anything, I just dig the zine.
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