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Moaning from front end after brake job & service?

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Hi all,

We had the front brakes (pads and rotors) replaced on the R recently, along with the 45K service. I don't usually drive the car much (SO's commuter unfortunately these days) but I noticed afterwards that there was a moaning sound coming from the front. It was really pronounced after driving for a while esp during warmer weather, at lower speeds and while turning. Even at stand still it creates a noticeable vibe through the steering wheel.. as though a pump was working overtime (esp if you turn the steering wheel). It doesn't happen when the car first starts.

I checked the steering fluid level and it looks fine. So what could be causing this? Power steering pump I guess could be going south but its strange it should start acting up right after the service. The only other thing we did was go with a heavier oil for the CA summer (15-50W Mobil 1). Any chance the brake job was messed up and is causing the drivetrain to heat up and cause problems?
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Re: Moaning from front end after brake job & service? (wakked1)

I hate to say this, but that sounds similar to the sounds I had before I had to replace the steering rack on my '05 R.

The cost (without the extended warranty) was about $1,650. Thank goodness I got that extended warranty.

If you have a good Volvo Tech, you might have them take a look. Hope its something cheaper, though.
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After a bit more digging online I pulled out a bit of the existing power steering fluid is greenish-brown. I'm under the impression is supposed to be green, right? This did happen right after the last service. Oh, and my SO just called with the dealer (Smythe) they "explained" in that it doesn't really matter what fluid they put in the power steering (they've even put in brake fluid apaprently) and it will work fine. Which is clearly BS. Why do Volvo service guys here feel entitled to dick women around when they call?
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