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Missing Smog Pump

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I picked up my '75 242 earlier this week, and am planning to get some work done on it this weekend before I start driving it.

One of the things that is kind of glaring on this car is the missing smog pump. The bracket is on the block, the hose is right there (complete with cork to plug the hole!), but no pump.

Fortunately this vehicle is not subject to smog req's in CA (only 1976 models and later), but can I remove all of the smog equip (such as EGR) w/out any mechanical issues? I am concerned about the FI, if anything I suppose...
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Re: Missing Smog Pump (danemodsandy)

I understand that the vehicle was tuned with the air injector (smog pump) in mind, but the fact of the matter is that I do not even have the smog pump. So, rather than spending money & time down at the salvage yard in an attempt to find this part, I'd rather remove the smog pump apparatus.

Any advice on the proper tuning of the engine without the smog pump?
That does make sense. Thanks.
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