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So to start, shortly before this current engine issue, I had a leak at the brake-booster seal that became obnoxiously loud. I wasn't sure if contributed to the rough engine as a vacuum leak or not, but I removed and replaced the seal in question (along with bleeding the breaks, new pads, etc.) I had purchased middle-of-road coil packs and decent ngk plugs that I personally gaped, prior to install, about 1,500 miles ago, but it is not driven often. But I have decided to make it my daily again and here is the current problem:

1) Initial problem: Vida/Dice indicated "signal to high or missing @2,4,5 cyl. Second time, it was all cyl with same error on Dice. Additionally Cyl 2 was marked as misfiring.

Steps Taken:

First I did a visual inspection of all wiring, cleaned off any rust spots (esp. for the cyl 1-2, 3,4,5 grounds),replaced "bad cyl 1 with known working coil. Replaced the coil connectors on all cylinders with new ones after sanding each wire's contact point individually. Finally, I replaced any cracked or missing plastic conduit and electric taped to prevent any electrical interference. I took a 15 minute drive of varying speeds, and all seemed ok. Caught the feeling of a missing cylinder on the way home and the blinking 7-9 times CEL prior to it steadying, and am now about to unplug my laptop to go check everything again. Any possible thoughts or next steps I should be taking, heck any info would be greatly appreciated!

Best Regards
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