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Mirror folded in. How to fix?

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I was hit by something and my side mirror has folded in (acutual mirror is facing the window)

The mirror is not broken and all motors work fine. Problem is that now it can swing freely 90 degrees (from normal position to folded in position.)

Anybody know whats needed to fix this?
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Re: Mirror folded in. How to fix? (eurotrash_pd)

Kinda flops around? Very loose? You can buy a new hinge bracket and move everything from your old to new assembly or you can take apart the old one and see what's wrong. It's is a spring hnged bracket that if not used or maintained, it will seize and when get's knocked, the siezure prevents it from bouncing back when you try to put it back to position.

Edit: sorry, didn't know an S70 can't move stuff over. Maybe it is broken???
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