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What is the recommended min load rating for tires?

If my manual is correct, a 850 wagon is around 3300 lbs? The gvw is about 4300 lbs so divided by 4 would be about 1075 lbs, which is just about a load rating of 83.

However when driven under stress (hard corners, pot holes) would tires with load rating of 83 blow out?

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Damb good question, something I know very little about. I'm wondering if load rating is a rule for constant force or if a spike in the load like hitting a pothole is tolerable. Kinda like an electric appliance can spike in current without damage but a constant at the above rating would be trouble. I guess the two are apples & oranges though, perhapse not comparible...
So I may be cutting close with my 40 series tires! Even in saloon form vs. estate. My manual says the sadan gross vehicle weight is 4180lbs (1896kg) and the wagon 4340lbs (1969kg). Curb weight 3120-3150lbs for the sedan & 3230-3460lbs for the wagon. Not a big difference, but some.
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