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Mileage of 2.5T vs 3.2...which is better?

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Hi Guys and Girls,

On the fence here about upgrading my end of lease 2.5T (fully loaded, 60K Miles) to a 3.2 brand new.

Anybody had both vehicles who can give me some direction on the mpg differences?

I'm pretty happy with the 2.5T, will I get the same level of performance and economy from the 3.2?

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Re: Mileage of 2.5T vs 3.2...which is better? (Brad Meadus)

Although I've driven the 6, I do not have measurable personal experience, I do, however, own an '08 V8. From this forum MPG between the 6 and the 8 is very, very close to the point you may want to consider the V8.

Round town MPG is always between 17-18. Trips are typically 25 MPG (75-77 MPH) with a high tank of 29+ (275 miles from 7,500' down to 4,700', 150 of those miles at 65MPH, and MPG not typical). That's with the vehicles computer, typically a bit optimistic. Son goes to school at Cal-Poly and from San Diego to San Luis Obispo, off and on the gas through L.A., 300 miles, MPG is normally 22-23.

The 3.2 might get a little better, but not enough to make much difference. The V8 is a relaxed cruiser and with 16K miles my XC has NEVER been back to the dealer. I'm very impressed. You won't be disappointed with either the 6 or 8.
Re: Mileage of 2.5T vs 3.2...which is better? (JimJa43)

My V8 gets better mileage than my 3.2 did, but nowhere close to what my 2.5T got.
Re: Mileage of 2.5T vs 3.2...which is better? (njb8199)

Thanks for the info.

That helps me greatly!

Re: Mileage of 2.5T vs 3.2...which is better? (Brad Meadus)

Very good description JimJa43. A very relaxed cruiser. At 70mph, its only turning about 1700rpm. And with a light foot, I drive in town in stop and go without hardly ever going over 2000rpm. I don't have experience with either the 2.5T, or 3.2. But basically the V8 is barely working past idle speed in any kind of driving conditions, unless of course you want it to

From what I have seen on this forum, the main difference is a little better in town MPG with the 3.2. Lots of folks here like the 3.2 just fine, but there are also a few that think its lacking a bit in power, compared to even the 2.5 due to no turbo.

So, basically I think folks are saying the overall mpg difference isn't significant. Which means it comes down your personal preference in power needs, and of course the price (I think the difference in price between a new 3.2 and V8 is a bit much, but hey, at the Portland Auto show, a V6 Cayenne was 57k, and the V8 model was 110k. Can you really put 53k of options on the same vehicle?)

I'm only 2 months in but absolutely loving my V8.
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