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In my exhaustive search to find either a manual wagon of any sort or an '06-07 XC70, I Finally landed on an '06 XC70. I jumped at it fast enough that when I got to the dealer, the sales guy couldn't find it cause it hadn't even made it through detailing, just a vacuum.

Long story short. I've got a deposit on it while they look it over and clean it up. Car has 66K on the odometer, engine felt strong, brakes felt good. Didn't go through all the electronics as the sales guy even said that since it hasn't really been looked at yet I was probably going to run across things they will be addressing anyway.

Car started its life as a Florida car then 2 years became a jersey car. 2 owners, 1 accident, price is $9998.

Right now my shopping is between this XC70 and an '06 V50 T5

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