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Hi, tl;dr: does someone have an overview over the MELBUS protocol details?

What I already found:
https://github.com/festlv/carpc/tree/sending-test/avr-firmware/src/melbus (same author as above)

I aim to build a diy system for attaching custom hardware and audio to the MELBUS, based on ATMega32U4 (as on the Arduino Pro Micro).

I already wrote down a simple protocol parser (just some header files and definitions; didn't even try to compile it) and am looking for more information.

What interests me:
* Any technical information on the protocol (I have some messages which "do" stuff from the first link, but what do they mean?)
* How to send text to the HU (was told in a german volvo forum that's only possible via SAT input - which is only there on newer models?)

Please do not ask questions like "when you're done, will you build one for me, too?".
This post is about the technical side of this project ;-)


Just in case, some answers to non-technical questions which might pop up:
1. Will you publish your work: Yes, all of it will be published under GPLv3 on github
2. Will you sell ready-built devices: No
3. Did you already build the device: No
4. Do you know what you're doing: Partially. I am a C++ dev on x86_64 & know a lot about embedded, but I am new to embedded development itself
5. This is great: Thanks
6. This is stupid: Well, I can waste my time however I want ;-)
7. Support RTI: Hope so
8. What are the projected hardware costs: I already spent about 35 Euro for Arduino Pro Micro, Volvo 8 Pin DIN Y-Cable, euro board, sockets and small electrical parts. I will probably need some more sockets & relays in the long run, but for now that should do.
9. Will you compete with the iMIV: No, that is a ready build box with commercial support. Mailorder it, attach it, and you're happy, since it works. And if it doesn't, you can ask them to help you out. Opposed to that: My device will need ordering parts from different suppliers, soldering it all together and installing basic software. And all you get is a small subset of the iMIV features. So while this might seem as a cheap alternative, you need to invest A LOT of time and get no guarantee it's actually working with your car.
10. Whom is this for: Hardware hackers which need to modify the software of the box for their specific application
11. What's your moose: EU S60 2.4 MY03 (or 04) with RTI and HU-603 [and I have a VIDA/DICE in case I soft-brick the car]
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