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Seems a few have just gone out a bought Axles , when they had Issues - which saves some time .

I wondering why there is No Axle service listed in the Owner Manual , would good cleaning and
Possibly a much better : Syn Grease loaded with Moly might actually allow Axles to
last a lot longer .

Here's a Link of Greases sure seems someone is rebuilding these with all this on the Market.

AWD Grease : http://www.bing.com/images/search?q...l&id=4BBB2AEB3EFEA7AEA250002E751B448F0D6BD793

The there is the Volvo Boot replacement :

Fees for : CV Joint Service ? Anyone ?

Then there is the Volvo - Guy that had His : Extended Passenger side Axle Rebuilt : Longer story
Interesting read Saved $600.00 bucks .

The Weak Link is the Box : see Photo's at bottom of Article of - Box Bearing :


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Here are some procedures to getting it done :

  1. Buy two gallons of mineral spirits (aka turpentine or paint thinner), (2) two gallon plastic paint pails, and a couple of 2" chip brushes (everything costs less than $10 at Home Depot).
  2. Buy two cans of aerosol brake cleaner, about $5 at the auto parts store.
  3. Fill the pails with spirits; 1 gal each.
  4. Cut off the torn boot and immerse the assembled axle end in bucket #1. Clean thoroughly with a 2" paint chip brush.
  5. Immerse degunked axle end in clean bucket #2; clean again in fresh thinner.
  6. Blow or air dry.
  7. Mount halfshaft in vice; clean joint facing up. Inspect balls, tracks, and cage in assembled Rezeppa (AKA: CV) joint for pitting or galling. Shiny spots are OK. Use bright light. If OK, rinse the assembled joint with plenty of aerosol brake cleaner. Air dry.
  8. Note assembly position on axle, then remove axle circlip, spring washer, and assembled joint. Install new boot on axle; fill boot with half of the moly grease supplied with joint kit.
  9. Reinstall assembled joint on greased axle spline, same side in, followed by spring washer (concave side toward joint) and circlip. Seat circlip in groove by giving the circlip a single light wallop with a socket and hammer.
  10. Squirt remaining moly lube into axle side face of joint. Work through joint a bit, but don't make a mess. Slide boot into place and fasten with supplied clamps (or wide plastic zip ties), making sure to degrease boot seating surfaces. Use no hose clamps! They will cut the boot. Note that some CV boots use no clamps at all on axle side of front wheel outer joint. Inspect yours when disassembling and duplicate clamping arrangemnet.
  11. Clean the trans and wheel side companion flanges thoroughly. Put a thin smear of moly just inside the flange cup to prevent corrosion.
  12. Install the axle, making sure all mating surfaces are clean and dry. Use blue Loctite on CV axle bolts; torque to spec (typically 30 lb ft for 8 mm; 45 for 10mm; 65 for 12 mm), using cross pattern.
  13. Recheck bolt torque at next oil change.
A Couple of Notes:
The aersol brake cleaner step is important. Mineral spirits or solvent leaves a film which moly (and most other modern grease) cannot wet .
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