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Manual Tranmission and stuff

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i got a volvo 850 glt 93, i dont know if it has turbo or not just saying but hey.. like i have a automatic i saw a manual 850 96 tranmission on ebay for 500$ but it is over like in 7days and im only 15 and dont got job lol..but hey is it a good ideal i asked some ppl they said yeah hell yeah it is..also i was gonna put a veilside bodykit on it probally custom made one and new ipd exhaust and also wanted to know what i can do to get more horsepower like if i got a ipd power pack but i dont know if its for my kinda volvo please help please please... i want to make it fast its got like 200hp right now my goal is like 300-375 maby dont laugh either u never know it can be done nuthing is impossible please take this seriously thank you so much swedespeed!
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Just to get you started, does your car look something like this? This is the original year 1993 Volvo 850 GLT that first came to North America. These cars were all normally aspirated (Non-Turbo) 2.4 liter DOHC I5's with 168hp/162lb.ft of torque. The Turbo models came one year later, in 1994.

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