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Hello all,

New member here. I have a 2001 XC70, it has had problems with the automatic since day one and was not properly maintained so i have been giving it some TLC over the past 3 years since i have bought it.

The transmission was on it's way out and the fluid was a chocolate milk color, i decided to try and swap out the valve body as it was 1500$ installed. It has never been 100% and I am very seriously debating doing a manual swap.

I read ChilledMan's thread and i am slightly confused.

I would be installing an M66 out of an 04R as i can get one locally with pedals and all required parts for 800$.

What scared me is the part about the drive shafts, did he do that just to lower the car? Can i use my XC70s that are less than one year old? Same with the control arms, those are new too...

Any input would greatly be appreciated.

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