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Making my car much faster

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So my volvo is not fast enough, what should I do. I went to the track again, and it just wasnt as cool as those 12 second cars, how do I get that. Different car right! Well I was thinking of the BSR stuff-ecu, exhaust, intake. Thats my first step, I think. Then I was thinking Throttle body, bogger turbo compressor wheel, maybe the bearing housing. Wrapping with that heat wrap stuff also seemed like a good idea maybe, blueprinting, porting and polishing, etc. I think then I will have squeezed all the power I can. Im gonna break something arent I, probably need to upgrade the pistons, rods, cams, etc to handle all this power. Maybe Ill stick with just the first idea and a few other little things, keep it all safe. I dont need a 12 second car anyway.
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Originally posted by pj's 850:
I dont need a 12 second car anyway.
Yeah, drag racing is for people that finally mastered the art of driving in a straight line.
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