69 percent of Americans think that more autonomous cars on the road will make the road safer, according to the results of a new survey conducted by Volvo.

The survey was a way to get an understanding of how consumers feel about one of the biggest questions in the automotive world right now. The Volvo Cars' Future of Driving survey is the largest ever of its kind and is important to Volvo, who are investing in the technology.

Future of Driving Infographic

The results show that respondents in New York and California have a lot of faith in autonomous driving technology, with nearly 90% of them feeling that it could make life easier.

That said, people in Texas and Illinois are less convinced of the benefits of self driving cars. Only 52% of Illinoisans say they would trust an autonomous car to make decisions about safety, while 60% of Texans believe that autonomous cars can keep their families safer.

72% said they believed that they felt driving-the kind with a human at the helm-was worth protecting. As a result, Volvo concludes that drivers are more comfortable with the idea of autonomous driving when they are giving the choice to drive when they want to.

The numbers still vary widely from market to market, but "despite these varying opinions," writes Volvo, "the promise and importance of autonomous driving is tangible."