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Re: Maintenance costs? (mullmann)

Quote, originally posted by mullmann »
I paid my dealer $35 to rotate and balance my tires at my (free) 7,500-mile service. Sure, I probably could have saved a few dollars elsewhere, but it was worth the extra $10 or $15 to not have to take my car two places and wait around twice. Not everything is worth skipping the dealer for.

My dealer included rotating the tires at the 7500 mile scheduled maintenance. The maintenance chart doesn't include an interval for tire rotation but I've used 7500 miles on all of my previous cars.

It seems to me each dealer does their own thing and sets their own level of service outside of the recommended service. I'm pretty happy with my dealer experience to date but we'll see how I feel when the car is out of "free" service period.

With regard to the wiper blades - shop around. I couldn't find them in any store so I ended up buying them from John at Boston Volvo and I was very happy with that process. Once these are easy to find aftermarket, Volvo dealers will NEVER get to install a new set of wipers. It was the easiest wiper replacement I've ever done.
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