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Hi Swedespeed,

New member waiting upon full activation from moderators (I'm assuming).
1998 Volvo s70-5 speed manual (285k RIP)
2012 Volvo C30--T5 104k

I've been having a few headaches with my 2012 Volvo C30 as of late. I have 104,000 miles on the vehicle and have driven about 80,000 of them. I keep it maintained to the best of my abilities and have replaced both front and rear struts with Koni STR oranges at about 75k (front) and 90k (rears), front control arms (65k), spark plugs (75k) and perform oil/air filter changes according to Volvo maintenance schedules.

I've experienced a p0300 code on multiple occasions for a random cylinder misfire (cylinders 1 & 2) and have been told there's oil in those cylinder heads (spark plug change & swapped plugs 1 and 5, 2 and 4 on 2nd find). The code goes away after the oil is wiped out, but is there an answer/ fix to this?

Also, I think my front passenger side strut bearing plate, with the Koni's, needs to be replaced after 25,000 miles. I just moved to the city and the roads are in terrible condition:/

Planning to replace my timing belt as most recommend 7 years, which it is, or 105-120k miles.

I somehow still owe $6000 on it (14-18 payments). Should I sell it as/is and let the next person take care of the fixes?
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