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Hello everyone.

I am new to this forum. Im an active member on OzVolvo, which is probably the most popular Volvo forum in Australia. But for this question, I needed to go a bit more worldwide as what I'm doing, I don't think its been done here before. I believe Im one of the first, which is possibly concerning. But I know its been done worldwide a few times, so I know its possible.

I own a 2002 V70 XC (Cross Country). It currently has an Aisin AW55 geartronic on it. That died. We replaced the valve body. The gear portion died soon after. Rebuilt gear portion. Car drove fine for about half an hour then basically wouldn't drive the next day. I cracked it and threw in the towel. Decided I had enough of this dreadful auto and Id change over to a manual. M58 or M66AWD I didn't care, just something that worked haha.

I was talking about the idea of converting on a forum post and I had a member message me telling me he had an M66 AWD for sale. I went to look at it and found it is a brand new unit from Volvo. It was purchased on exchange basis but when it got to Australia the dealer found it was an AWD box when it should have been a FWD. So it became old stock and after passing through a few hands, its now mine. Considering I paid about a third of the price that Volvo charge, and I did not need to provide a core exchange, Im quite pleased with my $1,750AUD purchase.

Now I went to the dealer to order a few of the ball catches and things that are not provided with Volvo exchange boxes and the parts salesmen, after looking at me like I had 3 heads, very carefully explained about ratios. He is concerned (understandably) that the transmission final drive ratio that I have with my M66 may not match the final drive that is currently on my 02 XC70. I just wanted some thoughts on this.

Here is some details of the car:

Built September 2001 (Model Year 2002) Volvo V70XC Cross Country AWD.
2.4L Low Pressure Turbo. 5-Speed Aisin AW55-50SN. AWD is Pre-Haldex.
VIN: YV1SZ58K721052162
Engine: B5244T22611911
Current Auto Transmission P/N: 8636765 S/N: 01FV711587
Angle Gear P/N (According to VIDA, have not checked the car to confirm):3600038
Rear Diff (Final Drive) P/N (According to VIDA, have not checked the car to confirm): 8602625

And details of the M66AWD I bought:
Apparently was purchased for a S40 or V50, so a P1 car. Part numbers do not show up in my (2014D) copy of VIDA for some reason. But I googled them and they point to a 2005 V50 transmission. For a petrol motor not diesel. It seems to have two part numbers on it. Also I notice most of the USA cars have the final drive ratio written on the sticker and the gearbox version, mine does not but it does have a serial number. Two of them actually.

P/N (1): 9482424 (C04)
P/N (2): 30751041
S/N (1): 366R 7002 GC
S/N (2): T1GH4 071205 175819

Here is a photo of the sticker. Ive seen that this sticker should have the transmission type (you know like M56L M56H whatever the equivalent in M66's are) and the final drive ratio written on but mine does not. I have looked around and can't find any other sticker with this information.

I have done lots of reading up about manual conversions and Im still happy to go forward with it. However the more common gearbox to use is the M56 or M58 5 speed. Or an M66 pulled from an S60/V70R (P2) car. I worry about using one from the S40/V50. I know it will bolt to the engine just fine, its the same motor. However Im unsure about the all wheel drive. The P1 cars are a bit smaller than the P2s, so maybe they do use different ratios. I don't know. Plus being based off the Focus, it uses a fairly different setup than the P2 cars.

The next thing Im concerned about is apparently the P1 cars shifter is reversed in comparison to the P2. Can anyone confirm/deny this? I imagine I can hack a P1 shifter into my P2 car if need be. Id rather do that than purchase a new gear shift control mechanism. However VIDA gives me the same part number (30651949) for the gear shift control between a 2005 V50 and a 2006 S60. I would rather use the P2 Spaceball shifter over the P1 shifter which is pretty ordinary in comparison (in my opinion).

Oh and the other thing Im wanting to know is: Driveshafts. Those of you who have converted from auto to manual like me, did you replace your driveshafts? VIDA gives me different part numbers no matter which way I go with driveshafts, but I have heard people using the original auto ones without trouble? If this is the case and can be done, that would be great. My car is low mileage (117000kms) and the driveshafts are fine. New ones from a V70R (the only P2 car in AUS with an M66AWD) cost $700AUD each!!

All help and advice is GREATLY appreciated. I will be doing progress reports and eventually a full write-up.

For those of you who are interested: We already did some ECU testing. For some reason the Australian delivered cars do not come with a 4,000 RPM Park/Neutral rev limiter like the US cars. I've tested it, in Park it will red line perfectly fine. Secondly, bypassing the PNP switch works fine. I think my plan of attack is to use the added in clutch switch for the cruise control switch to also determine the starter operation. So, when the clutch is depressed, starter activates, cruise disengages, and vice versa for when the clutch is released. Other option is to have the ECU reprogrammed. If this eliminates the "auto trans service urgent" message Ill do that, otherwise I might not bother until I want to get the ECU tuned anyway.

Few quick facts about me. Im a 21 year old student living in Melbourne Australia. Completely addicted to Volvos (aren't we all.....) and have had 4 in the space of a year. The 02 V70XC was the first. Then it was a 96 850 which lost oil and killed the motor the same day I bought it. Replaced that with my current daily, a 97 V70 with a slush box auto. Goes alright, very due for a service now though haha. Recently acquired a 1988 240 GL wagon as the project car. And convinced mum into buying her first Volvo, a 2005 XC70 LE with VERY low miles. She wants to buy a P80 C70 convertible as her daily we are just waiting for a cheap neglected one to come up. So yeah :) Between us, and the neighbours C30, 850, P2 XC70 and P3 XC70, our street is Volvo central!

Keen to hear your thoughts

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Jeremy - you should ask this question on Volvospeed. Lots of us have done manual swaps but far fewer have done them on P2 cars. The final drive ratio of the gearbox won't make a difference so that's the last thing you should worry about. The thing you'll probably have the toughest time with is having someone create a tune for it.

I'm not an expert on P2 swaps by any means but there are people around who know better about the P2 peculiars...just not in this particular forum.

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Actually, he may have problems with the drive ratios if they aren't sync'd front to rear. Also, I can tell you that auto axles will not fit the M66. And FWD M66 axles are different lengths than AWD M66 axles. So outside of all the hogwash like clutch assembly, ECM flashing, etc, the biggest issue is finding correct length axles for your application (I imagine there are, somewhere). It will probably take some experimentation, but can be done. Check the volvospeed XC70 forum or volvospeeds forums, I know there's a few threads on there about doing manual AWD trans swaps.
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