This is a fairly complete M56 manual kit with most of the parts coming from a '95 NA 850. It was pulled from a junkyard in California about 8 years ago. I don't have any specific info on the car other than I remember it was a white base 850 with tan cloth interior and the car looked to be in decent shape. $500 firm.

The sticker on the trans to specify which exact model is gone, but as you can see in one of the photos it has the extra sensor close to the passenger axle input, so it's obviously an early M56. External slave.

Single mass flywheel had some surface rust from sitting for so long, so I hit it will some 400 grit to clean it up. It is very smooth... but never a bad idea to get it re-surfaced.

Two shifters included. On one the base is corroded, but the boot and knob are decent. On the other the base is clean, but the knob is missing.

Shift cables have a bit of rust on the engine side, but I am also including a clean mounting bracket that will get rid of most of that rust. The rubber shift bushings for the cables are included, but a set of skateboard bearings can make for a better connection than the original rubber bushings.

There are pedals for both an 850, as well as an x70, but the return spring is missing on the x70 pedals.

Slave and master cylinder included. Not sure I would re-use these, but at least you having something to compare as you part shop. Plastic engine mount and hose for the slave cylinder appears to be in good shape. Retainer clips in place.

There are a few other odds and ends in the photo that will also be included. This is everything I have for the kit. I'm sure there's some little widgets that are missing to fully make the swap, but this should get you well on your way.

I also have a new in the box Sachs K70110-01 clutch kit that I would include for an additional $100. The kit includes the clutch, pressure plate and release bearing.

Note that I am traveling as of the 24th so must be picked up before then. I am not willing to ship as I do not have anything to protect the trans with. Location is Dobbs Ferry NY which is close to the Tappan Zee / Mario Cuomo bridge.