Ghent, Belgium is the location of Volvo’s largest plant, and it will soon be the source of a range of new volume vehicles. China’s Lynk & Co will start producing its own Volvo-based vehicles at the plant starting in 2019.

The move marks a new level of collaboration between the sister brands that are both owned by Geely. It also marks the start of the Chinese brand’s journey to Europe.

Despite being one of the world’s most important markets and a manufacturing hub, Chinese brands still haven’t found a foothold in western markets.

“We see a big potential for this new brand entering the European market and we are happy to give Lynk & Co the support of Volvo’s technological and industrial expertise,” said Håkan Samuelsson, Volvo Cars CEO.

While Volvo chases after the luxury market, Lynk & Co will is more of a volume brand, with prices and content expected to be lower than Volvo’s.

Still, the quality will be same as Volvo’s, which should help quell fears, no matter how ill-founded, predicated on the brand’s Chinese ownership.

“Our Ghent plant is one of the most efficient car manufacturing plants in Europe with a highly skilled workforce,” said Javier Varela, senior VP for manufacturing and logistics at Volvo Cars. “Lynk & Co’s decision to pick Ghent for their European production demonstrates the high levels of quality control that underpin Volvo’s global manufacturing strategy.”

The collaboration will also help reduce manufacturing costs, argues Volvo, thanks to the economies of the new scale.

Volvo currently builds the XC40 in Ghent, as well as the V40 hatchback and the S60/V60.