Volvo and its sister brand Lynk&Co may be building cars together in Ghent , but they won't be competing. At least, that's what Lynk & Co's CEO thinks, because his only competition is Uber.

Allain Visser, the CEO in question, recently told Autocar that Lynk&Co won't really compete with any other manufacturers.

"We don't see our competitors as Toyota, Volkswagen and Audi; we see them as the likes of Uber," said Visser. "We are going to be competitive for a millennial that takes an Uber every day to go into the city to work."

That's because Visser doesn't really think his company should be selling cars, in the traditional sense of the word.

Its customers are "people who don't want to own cars. Plenty of people love cars, but don't want to own one," Visser told the UK publication.

That's because, like Volvo and Polestar, Lynk&Co will work on a subscription model. With programs ranging from 1 to 36 months at a fixed cost, questions of investment and resale will be moved to one side, and customers will only have to worry about paying a bill, like rent.

Naturally, though, Lynk&Co understands that it still has to make good cars. That's something that should be made easier thanks to its tie-up with Volvo and its own engineers.

"Of course, if you ask our engineers they'll say our competitors are Lexus and Audi, from a technology point of view," said Visser. "But from a brand point of view, it's beyond the car industry."

Sales (in a manner of speaking) have begun in China and they will be on European roads by 2020.

[source: AutoCar ]