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Lowering a T5-R

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Have anyone lower either on the R's from stock? I wondered if the Eibach or H&R springs,etc would lower it since it suppose to lower than the stock 850 and 850 turbo. What shocks did you use with this set up I want my car to handle like it was on rails.
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I put the Eibach springs on my R with Bilsteins. I think it dropped about 1" from my stock R height. Eibach claims 1.4" drop, which is probably for a non R 850. The handling is definitely better, but if you want to go low, you still will have some room to go another 1" or so with the right combo of tires and wheels. I think the Koni's may be stiffer, since they are adjustable.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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