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Hello all,

Got a bit of a head scratcher here:

1989 245. Steering pump always made a bit of noise, and leaks pretty good (rack too). Recently did brakes/rotors front and rear. With the car jacked up and turning the wheel (car not running) side to side to more easily get at the front calipers, I noticed a bit of ...a little crunch? something for a split second, a slight, unsmooth interruption in turning the wheels. At the time I assumed it was one of the removed calipers getting in the way of the rotor (stupid solid brake lines...). Didn't think much of it.

Anyway, got it all done, put it back on the ground, and drove it about a mile. Steering wheel shudders/vibrates at low speeds at turns. Trying to diagnose it, I realized it also does it while parked, no foot on the brake. You can physically watch the wheels shudder as you feel it in the steering wheel.

I suspect something is up with the pump/there's an air pocket etc. etc. ...But that doesn't account for the slight crunch/notchiness when the wheels were in the air and I was turning the steering wheel.

Anyone heard of something like this? Any troubleshooting ideas? I'd at least like to narrow down if it's the pump or the rack or something I'm just not even thinking of.


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