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Just picked up my '90 from volvo of fort washington last Thursday to replace my '08 Touareg for the third row. Car has really impressed me...handles very well (feels very similar to my friend's Cayenne S/X5 4.8) and the red is out of sight. All of the interior details are also very nice and the Vulcan rims are sharp. The 6 appears to be getting stronger as she breaks in, still not as quick as my XC70, but plenty of passing power and the handling really makes it an enjoyable vehicle. The car is very tight, and the overall fit and finish is up there with most anything I've driven recently (MB/BMW etc). Good job Volvo!. Does not feel like a 6 year old platform. This is my first 90, and I will say that for young kids is a fantastic setup with storage, seat movement etc. Besides the GL450, its perhaps the only third row I feel comfortable putting kids in.
I seem to be averaging 20.5/21 MPG.

I think its a ton of car for the money, especially with the current incentives. I could not be happier with it and have to highly recommend Volvo of FW - Tim and Kevin are great guys.
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