Lotus cars is celebrating a big anniversary this year. To have a big celebration, you need somewhere to have it. So the automaker is unveiling some big developments to its Hethel, UK, headquarters. Like a new customer experience center, heritage center, and museum.

The new buildings are awaiting planning approval but are a bold vision fot the company. Lotus has been at the current Hethel site since Colin Chapman reimagined the old airbase in 1966. The customer experience center will be located along the pitlane of the company's test track with views of the entire site.

The center will give customers a place to spec out their vehicles, then take delivery once they're ready. It will have service facilities in addition to the display areas.

The new heritage centre and museum will be made incorporating the site's original offices. It will put Chapman's original office on display as well as letting visitors see exhibits of the company's history and vehicles.

The company will also be remodelling the tower of the former airbase to be a much nicer version of the clubhouse used for track-based customer and staff events.