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I have a lot of parts I need to unload to make room in my garage... make me some offers!

'95 850 intake manifold w/ EGR
P2 XC90/S80/S60 Wood/beige leather steering wheel
850/960 steering wheel- black leather
Various 850 switches
X70 heated seat switches
1995 850 GLT NA ECU and TCM
'93-'98 white block serpentine belt tensioner (may have more than 1 available)
850 wiper arms
'93-'98 white block alternator (reman Bosch, seems to be good)
'98-'98 (may fit other years too) white block knock sensors
850 throttle body/pulley
P80 starter ('95, pretty sure this fits '99+ white blocks as well)
'93-'98 P80 ignition coil
P80 ECU box cooling hose
P80 throttle pulley cover ('93-'98)
850 (may also fit S90/V90/960 '95-'98) turn signal/wiper stalks
'99 V70XC cluster- would need to be programmed, but can also be used for parts.
850 center brake light
850 gray power seat control panel
850 front seat belts
850 passenger visor (beige/gray interior)
P80 sunroof shade (excellent shape, beige color for black or beige 850 interior, beige X70 interior)
X70 cigarette lighters (have 2-3 of those)
P80/S/V40/S90/V90/'95+ 960 leather auto shift knob
'95-'98 960/S90/V90 driver side/right fog light
P2 S60/V70/XC70 right rear door latch cable
P2 XC90 genuine Volvo all weather floor mats- beige
850 fenders and front bumper cover (local pickup only)
850 lower dash assembly (gray) (local pickup only)
...and plenty more that I just can't remember off the top of my head. PM me/reply to this thread if you're looking for anything in particular!
I can post pics upon request.

I'm willing to ship anything but the last two items. US or international, international buyers will need to cover shipping cost.

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