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Lost Alarm Remote-Help!

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I lost my remote control from my key ring....

Fortunately, my driver's window was down so I have access to the interior, but of course I can't start the engine.

I tried disconnecting the battery in hopes of resetting the alarm, but that doesn't work.

Any ideas on resetting the alarm? I'm at least 75 miles from the nearest Volvo dealership.


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Sorry to tell you, you're SOL...
Actually, if you have a key (not key fob), try locking and unlocking your door from the outside three times- this should disable the alarm system and may allow you to start your car without the fob attached (only on '98 and older Volvo's).
Re: Lost Alarm Remote-Help! (usblues007)

On the 850's the alarm module is behind the glovebox, good chance it's still there on your S70. Do a search on the alarm module, you may be able to simply unplug it.
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