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Looks like I'm going to get a 245T Wagon

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My family and I have discussed this at quite length and we have decided that it would be in our best interest to get a wagon, and what better candidate than the Volvo 245T?

We'll more than likely sell our '82 GLE, and sell the '95 Mazda Protege LX that we have been using as our daily driver. I'm so psyched out! I've been recently craving the Turbo and the 245Ts have always been the best looking volvo.

One bad thing is...there isn't one for sale in all of Colorado. Nor on Ebay. Poo.

-hopeless for a 245T

GORGEOUS 245T featured on Speedvision

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Paul Schuh's car just happened to be on speedvision a few months ago. He had entered the car into a car show that featured many import cars, mostly **** . Since it was a volvo, it got very little air time.
Thanks, InDy!

I was thinking though...would it be worthwhile fixing my 264GLE up, or buying a better condition 245T? I'm pretty set on getting a 245T before classes start again...and would really love hauling my stuff, not to mention my roommate's stuff, in the wagon and not my family's van again.

How much should I look to pay for a 84 245T, and 244T? Right now, I've enough money to path up the rust holes behind the rear wheel, and do a complete respray for my 264.

Also, what suspension mods can I do? The live axle setup kills me everytime I go over a bump...it's spooky in the twisties too!

Got me 264 back yesterday though...and boy does the car feel great
No more lumpy idle, direct throttle...and it's always ready to pounce off the line looking to gobble up Volkswagen Jettas

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