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Looks like I'm going to get a 245T Wagon

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My family and I have discussed this at quite length and we have decided that it would be in our best interest to get a wagon, and what better candidate than the Volvo 245T?

We'll more than likely sell our '82 GLE, and sell the '95 Mazda Protege LX that we have been using as our daily driver. I'm so psyched out! I've been recently craving the Turbo and the 245Ts have always been the best looking volvo.

One bad thing is...there isn't one for sale in all of Colorado. Nor on Ebay. Poo.

-hopeless for a 245T

GORGEOUS 245T featured on Speedvision

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To the rescue...

'84 245 Turbo, 207k miles, $2,500 OBO, Elkhart Indiana

'84 242 Turbo, 143k miles, $2,500 OBO, Modesto California

Auto Trader 84' 245 DL 302 Conversion, T-5 5-Speed Manual, IPD Suspension, $9k OBO

Auto Trader 82' 244 Turbo, 160k miles, $1500 OBO

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Honestly, if I were you, I would find a really nice 245 Turbo. As I mentioned before, my parents had a 264 GLE, and that car gave them a lot of trouble. The only good things I can say about the 260 series is that they are very rare, loaded with features, and already have upgraded heavy duty suspension parts.

The reason I would rather have the 245 Turbo is that the 4-cylinder engine they use is virtually bullet-proof. I think that the 245 also looks better than the 265 because of the wheels and blacked out trim. The turbo-4 is really sweet and is a lot easier to work on than the PRV V6. The biggest plus with the 245 is that it has almost unlimited tuning potential whereas the PRV V6 does not IMHO.

Also, IPD has a ton of suspension parts for the 245 that will make it handle a lot better than the front heavy biased 265.

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