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Hi everyone:

It's time for a new (to me) car for the wife and I've narrowed it down to the 2015-2016 xc60 R-design with the I6 motor, the 2018 xc60 Momentum or one of the BMW x# SAVs. I'm leaning towards the 2015 xc60 R-design Platinum because it's a nice size, looks great, is less common and is a wolf in sheep's clothing. We used to have a 2008 xc90 V8 Executive edition and loved it.

Questions for those who own the P3 R-design:
- what's your long-term experience been?
- What are common issues that need to be addressed often? I will DIY most work unless I find a CPO example.
- Has it ever left you stranded? If yes, what broke?
- What are big money repair items?
- Are the active radar, braking etc. electronics of the Technology Package reliable? Those features look interesting to me, but only if they don't break often.
- Does the car drive as sporty as it looks?
- If you don't like the car, what do you wish you would have bought instead?

Thanks and looking forward to your responses. I'm really liking this car and hope the feedback is positive.

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I only bought the XC60 for the I6. I just can't get behind the superpowered I4 turbos. Working on Volvos has always been easy if you can predict what parts to have FCP send you. Otherwise you are at the whim of the dealer, but at least they have the stock.
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