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Hi everyone, I just joined Swede speed although I've known about it for a long time. Want to know why I finally decided to join? Three weeks ago I found a great deal on cars.com for an 05' S60R, sapphire black on Atacama, M66 trans, nav, parking sensors, two owner car and it did have 141K miles but it was only $4,988 and a Texas car, never touched salt. I planned to drive all the way from MI to get the car, I would make the trip Sunday, be there by Monday and that same weekend I was going to go, the car sold before I left. This just happened again with a very similar SR in Iowa but this one had 88K miles, I was sure I'd snatch this one up and it disappeared from their website yesterday.

So I'll get to the point, I am looking for a 2005, 06, 07 SR with up to 130K miles Sapphatacama, M66 trans, clean title, if possible very well cared for. Nav and oem Volvo body kit is a plus. Price range I'm looking for is around $9000 or less depending on mileage/condition etc. I will be financing the car so keep in mind it may be a process. I am located in MI and I would rather not travel anymore than 600 miles but if I like your car enough I might be willing to make a longer trip.

Let me know what you have, I might settle for Passion red or Magic blue, but the rest of my specifications are firm, Atacama and M66.

Thank you for reading this very long post, hopefully be in contact!
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