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Hey everyone,
I will be forced to move my '78 262C shortly and am looking for outdoor storage. The cheaper the better, fields, barns, anything will do. The car is not unsightly, (aren't ALL bricks beautiful?) it is complete with it's doors and glass, but does not run. I am looking for long term; ie couple of years until we get a farm or rural property of our own. I just don' t want to part with the car just yet, even though it is completely unreasonable to keep except for the potential parts I might EVENTUALLY take off of it. And no, at this point I do not want to sell the car...If you have any leads let me know...


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Re: looking for storage (charles)

Don't despair, Charles. Something or somebody will turn-up. It always does.

I faced a similar problem about a year ago. I had to make room by moving Barb's old 240 (the one with the West Coast body). After some hand-wringing, I decided to strip it, clean and store the parts above my garage.

It's worked out pretty well. I have a ready-to use emergency parts inventory (ECU, MAF, head, interior bits, hard to find fasteners, etc.) that is protected from the elements.

You might, in a pinch, be able to do the same. Hard to find stuff like doors, window glass etc. are pretty easy to store. Granted, you'd need to part with the chassis -- but it would be useless anyway after sitting in a field for a few years.

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