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Looking for my '67 light green 1800 S

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I lived in North West Baltimore and bought a 67 1800 S new from Michaelson Motors in early 68. I had the car until I sold it to a man that worked for the Social Security Administration in 1974 or early 1975. I also worked there but in a different building. The car was a light green color and had dealer installed airconditioning. If you know who has it now or anything that might help track it down please contact me.

Modified by GROD at 5:40 PM 3-23-2009
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Re: Looking for my '67 light green 1800 S (GROD)

Hi, I keep the 1800 Register and may be able to help if the current owner sent me the info.
Email me the vin number and I'll try and help.
Re: Looking for my '67 light green 1800 S (VolvoBob)

I will try to find the VIN. Would my insurance co have recordsa going back that far or the Maryland DMV?

Thanks for your help
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