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Ok.. I am understanding that the current stock premimum package is a HU(dash # something) and I have read that you guys are alittle flustered with it's S/W?

I am looking to get (with God's help) the S60R, I dunno what they will stock but it goes to assume it will be the Mitsu stereo...

I want to install a Clar1on 7' LCD, MP3/DVD/CD/MPEG2 head unit with a Clar1on 6 CD (I think it will handle DVD's too) changer (and what ever amps,crossovers and speaker set that would be prime for this..)

I am looking at about 5 to 7.5 k to do the setup and well..

Would/Will there be a problem with the swap out?

Can I say "NO STEREO please" when I place it on order?
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