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looking at 96 850R (this one for me)

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I have an idea on what to look for on this car but it always helps to get help from others.

What should I be looking for?
What are the typical problems for this model?

George you have this one give me your insit as well.
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Oxygen Sensor is a common failure on the car. We just replaced ours at 53K miles. I got 180K miles out of the one on a Jetta VR6, so I was surprised to see it go so early.

Motor mounts are another thing to look for. I think IPD has an upgraded one. Ours has been replaced already.

Brakes warp. Not bad, ours continue to go in and out of warpage due to whether I drive it aggressively or my wife drives it like a sane person. We're upgrading ours to slotted rotors to try to help them cool.

I'll have to think if there's anything else.
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