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Hey guys.
I'm currently a student/collegiate athlete at the University of California, San Diego.
I love Volvo's, drive one, and my family has a long-history of Volvo's.
Recently, I got into photographer, and am looking everywhere for tips/criticism.
All I have are: one camera, and two lenses.
This is a closet hobby of mine, much like automobiles.
Particularly, I'm really into Old school Volvo's (bricks), BMW E30 3-series, and Peugeot 505's.

If you have the time, please pay a visit to my Flickr (yes, cliche hipster) and drop your reviews on my photos, only if you have time, that is.


And here are a few pictures of my cars to legitimatize this thread, on this fine Volvo forum.

Twin Peaks Fog, SF by sina.pour, on Flickr

IMG_9113 by sina.pour, on Flickr

Bordeaux by sina.pour, on Flickr

Thanks for your time.
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