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Long Term Volvo XC 70

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Hi, New to this forum, I have leased a few volvo cars in the past and now I am looking to buy my first volvo wagon (I have found six 2004 Volvo XC70 w/ approx 75, 000 to 85,000 miles in my area), I am Moving to NH from PA, and want the AWD for those long winters, I also am going to be keeping this car as long as possible and so I hope you can tell me things to watch out/ prepare for. All the cars I am looking at are from dealers (Keystone, Wynn, and Stillman) but they are being sold As-is because of miles and are in the 8K - 10K range in cost. I can get a warranty but they are very costly, 2K quote so far, and not all inclusive. So any help, suggestions would be helpful should I look for older cars etc... etc...
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