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The problem with these cars when purchased used is, how much service was ignored by the previous owner? Often it takes a bunch of money to get the car 'right' again.

If done, they are generally pretty reliable, I've never been stranded by mine. If not brought up to current, then the car will be a pita of a perpetual money pit.

Do find a competent, honest independent mechanic. They are out there and make their money by not acting like the dealer service departments. They are not called 'stealer' for nothing. Any car is money pit when out of warranty and serviced by a dealer.

We took my wife's 94 Altima (30k miles) to a Nissan dealer for an airbag recall. Dealer came back with;
struts are bad (replaced three years ago and perfect)
tranny fluid needs to be replaced (done last year)
coolant needs to .... (done last year)
brake fluid should be ... (also last year).

You get the point, I hope. If their lips are moving, they are probably lying.

Good luck.

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Re: Long term reliability? (dmocek)

Quote, originally posted by dmocek »
"I took it to the dealer"


I've been driving this Eurostuff and helping to subsidize the dying Euro welfare state for over 20 years now and you can NOT take these things to the dealer after warranty is expired. you want a good indy, 'cause it's one thing where the car's under warranty and Volvo (Saab/Audi/BMW/Porsche) is picking up the tab and a completely different set of goals when it's you paying for things.

Honda makes an Accord wagon, BTW, it's the Euro Accord which is our Acura TSX in the USA. Since they know they wouldn't sell many, they don't import it. BMW sells few of the 325xiT and 530xiT over here.

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