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Where do you prefer to attend the event?

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New to Volvo ownership here. Checking out the site and community.
Found this thread interesting, but I assume like most people couldn't attend if a great deal of travel required. And agreed, a new factory location ideal. But the down and dirty fact is, its all about where you can get 600 confirmed attending and accommodations for such.
Just throwing this out there because the area has many boxes checked. I'm located in Northern California, Sonoma County. Many cycling events are held in this region as it's scenic roads (coastal redwoods and wineries) and manny tourist accommodations (Napa Vally adjacent) which the local PD is accustomed to closing/rerouting traffic (obviously events permitted in advance) Near here there is a large saw mill which recently closed and it and the land are for sale by the family (if you have $12 mil burning a hole in your pocket) The mill sits on a massive (appears football stadium sized) flat, mostly paved empty lot. The lot is located on a two lane highway which would be perfect for any such parade. And (no joke) being near San Francisco, there's a very large local Volvo owning demographic that loves large gatherings: Current and former hippies.

Feel free to Google Maps satellite it. Berry's Sawmill, Cazadero CA


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1 - 1 of 42 Posts
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