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Hello Everyone,

New to the forum and I apologize in advance if this topic has been covered some where on this forum.
I tried searching on this topic but it seems no one else has had the same issue as I am currently experiencing.

My issue is that when I set the drivers side to cold, little to no air flow occurs.
Although when I set it to a warm, air flow is on par (normal) with the passenger side.
Cold setting seems to be blowing just fine on the passenger side, heat as well.

So far to diagnose this issue I have disconnected the little arm from the blend motor in the drivers foot well to see if it wasn't turning all the way.
The motor seems to be moving through full motion as I cannot twist the blend door any further into the "cold" direction.
Also I have removed the center vent cover to check the positioning blend door to rule that out, it too seems to be moving through full motion.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?
If so, what was your fix?

I appreciate any advice that can be thrown my way.


Car Specs:
2001 S60 T5 (2.3)
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