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I ordered an LED kit for my V70R and decided to see if the same kit was compatible with the XC90. I've come across a couple of issues doing this, nothing related to the LEDs. The first issue is that my license plate lights don't work. I can't get them to turn on.

The next issue is the interior overhead light in the third row. I push the button for the reading light and both lights come on, it don't matter which button is pressed but both lights come on.

The last issue I have is the light on the tailgate does not come on. I'm guessing it's suppose to come on everytime the tailgate is open.

So far I've only checked the fuse and that's not the issue. Next I'm going to check the contacts but after that I'm out of ideas.

I'm hoping someone can give me some advice and also confirm that I have an issue.

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