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Re: Lets get something going in the midwest (Punkerton)

Hello, Patrick.

Looking at my list of USA VCOA members reveals a ton of Chicago-area Volvo Lovers - cool.

You can get an up-dated list of members in just your zip codes from Tricia Patricco at the VCOA here...


This list will have contact info for current VCOA members. As you know, some folks are privacy-sensitive and dislike their vitals displayed on the www.

If you make positive contact with VCOA'ers who have yet to Swedespeed bump them our way.


George Dill

Temple, Texas, USA.

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i sorta did that, and try to set up a local chapter but there werent enough, there was a big list but not all of them had email addresses on there, and i dont feel liuke calling them, you know what i mean.
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