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I did these almost two years ago so since i had to take the tail lights out today to fix my HID reverse lights for the new owner taking delivery tomorrow.

Here is the how to do it, my last contribution to the xc90 forum.

You need to get two of these
60cm LED strip in white.

You know how to take the tail light out, if not two 10MM bolts hold the tails in, then the uppers come off with two 10mm bolts too.

Upper tails taken off the vehicle

Couldnt take the silicone off the tail lights, but under the glob of black stuff is where i took a dremel and cut into the light. make a little hole wide enough to slide the led strip up into the tail light.

pic of led strip

pic of black glob

another view of it installed

Good luck installing them. Any questions just ask. I will get email notifications if this thread gets responses.
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