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I have just joined the forum and am redoing a 1964 122 s wagon with red leather interior and black exterior. Did Volvo do leather back then and if so can anyone send me pictures of what it would look like? I really want to do this color combination so any help would be appreciated. If they didn't do leather then could you give me suggestions on what might work?

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Re: Leather Interior 1964 122s wagon? (kiki)

Welcome to Swedespeed, Kiki.

The original interior material was vinyl on the seats and door panels.

Available at a very high price are exact reproduction seat covers and door panels with the same design and texture also in vinyl.

If you are set on red leather consider the perforated material and have the seats re-cushioned and re-covered.

While there redo the seat webbing and be sure the lumbar system is in order.

Once you have your project complete this is what she will look like...


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